At Blue Yonder Design we LOVE our customers and strive to give them a website that they love that reflects who they are.

Here are a few things that our clients have said about us recently…

Penny Sampler
Penny Sampler Penelope's Pitstop
It is amazing to me that every time Jen touches my blog she makes it bigger and better. I recently wanted to expand Penelope’s Pitstop, which Jen originally designed, to accomodate Product Reviews and Giveaways and allow it to have a more professional look. Jen moved me over to WordPress and it turned Penelope’s Pitstop upside down. I absolutely love what she has done to my site. I receive comments on a daily basis from perfect strangers telling me just how cute my site is. Once again, she turned my rambling thoughts into everything I wanted and more. As I have worked with Jen over the past couple years, I have grown to love her work AND her. I love that she allows me to “mess” with and sometimes mess up my site. Slowly but surely I am learning to manage my site via WordPress, but she is always there to patiently back me up and give me the support I need to make my blog a success. Penelope’s Pitstop has been successful in a large part due to the image it portrays…the look that Jen has given it has made Penelope’s Pitstop what it is today. Thank you so so much, Jen
Nikki The Story of a Lifetime
Oh Jen!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!! I spent all day in town and couldn’t wait to get back home tonight to see what you had gotten done with it! I am so amazed! It looks beautiful and I’ve already had 2 people email me that are absolutely taken with it. Maybe this will help drum up some more business for you!! I’ll definitely recommend you to everybody. I am so in love. I’ve been waiting months for this and searching the web over for just the right person to do it. So, it’s been a long time in coming since I started looking for someone 8 months ago. It’s exceeded even my expectations and was so well worth the wait. I love how sophisticated it is yet maintains that homey warm feel…..and I LOVE the fact it’s not a scrapbook or cartoony look. If you ever want to show off your work to anybody just send them over. Your talent and skill is incredible. Thank you so much for all of your patience with me, listening to what I really had in mind and what I desired. It’s paid off in every way. Thank you!!!!”
Jenifer Jernigan
Jenifer Jernigan Internet Cafe Devotions
Girl…the café looks FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A HUGE round of applause to you!!!!!